Saturday, December 17, 2011

mince pies

since it's, what, less than a week until xmas, i thought that i should get around to making the mincemeat pies that i've been talking about.  so after watching leff play "skryim" for about an hour, i made some dough and filled it with the mincemeat that's been marinating on my counter.

these smell *so good* when they're baking. they also heat the house quite nicely too as they bake in a fairly hot oven. check out how sizzly they were.


my pies didn't end up looking very pretty (let's be kind and call them "rustic".) but they are DELICIOUS! even with the weird green pieces that come in american mixed peel. they would be even tastier with vanilla ice cream. is that heretical? whatever, i live in the new world, right? ice cream it is!

relevant recipes: mincemeat, pies

edit:  thanks to shed for the correction.


wastedpapiers said...

Yum - they look lovely! Odd isnt it that the fruit and peel mixture is called mincemeat but the pies are just called mince pies. I guess long ago they did have bits of chopped up meat in them but it got phased out over time and became more fruity.

r4kk4 said...

Do you think the meat would have been pork? I'm going to guess pork.