Thursday, December 29, 2011

fuck 2011

here's my last post of this horrid, horrid year. i will now bid it goodbye with the middle finger that i broke after falling down the stairs. i mean it, fuck you 2011. fuck you kindly. fuck you very much.

such a rancid string of days does not deserve a recap. instead, i will tell you what i'm gonna' do in 2012.

1) learn to curse more effectively. malcolm tucker is my new role model.
2) spend as little time in washington state as possible

that's it. if i keep my expectations low maybe, just maybe, i can break the string of shit years that i've had since moving out to the hinterlands of the pnw.

i do have one request of everyone regarding 2012. can you all PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP about mayan prophecy bullshit?! you're all ruining precolumbian art for me AND I HATE YOU FOR IT!!

see you in the new year! fuckity bye!

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