Saturday, December 10, 2011

the holiday foodstuff never ends

perhaps it's been a bit difficult to see how much i hate this time of year what with all of the festive baking and shit that's been occurring at my casa. let me just say this: i am in a weird place. a VERY weird place. it has been a fucking hard year and, for some reason, hybrid british xmas is doing it for me right now.

that's how i ended up making mincemeat. the ingredients were very similar to those used in the xmas pudding from earlier this week.

but instead of being steamed into some flour concoction, all the fruit and stuff gets baked for 2.5 hours in a low temp oven. this is the resulting mess.

it's strangely tasty and it's now in a jar waiting to be turned into mincemeat pies.

know what else i made? fucking mulled wine. ya know what additional booze i added to it? fucking cherry bounce that i made in feb.

that shit was dangaroose.  it was also exciting to make as you can see from this video. (warning:  camera dancing, possible chance of seasickness at the end)

i even got to crack out my beautiful carafe that wayne gave to me as a housewarming present 8 billion years and 50 zillion houses/apartments ago.

since i was a captain of industry industriousness, i decided to bake a bit as well. i made toll house cookies. (see, this is why we were laughing so hard in front of the toll house in cardiff. because of the chocolate chips and the jet lag. (mainly the jet lag.))

you know that warning about not eating raw cookie dough that came out yesterday? yeah, i ignored it and scooped some out for myself with another spoon.

i am such a bad ass.

anyway, here's a finished toll house cookie stack

and also a batch of crack brownies

both of which will be finding their way to europe and the uk. (i distinguish because of what cameron did on friday. oh. ho. ho. (seriously, brits. *call me about that. i'm interested in your opinion.)

today will probably involve more baking to keep sads at bay. i'm not kidding you, it's 10:03 in the am and the fucking light sensor spot on the garage is still on. fucking hate washington state. grrrrrr.


Irregular Shed said...

I love the weird green pieces in your mincemeat =)

Don't get me started on Cameron. He's acted not for Britain's best interests, but for the interests of his friends in the financial sector who don't want to be regulated and want to carry on running fast and loose. Massive dickheadery.

r4kk4 said...

it's such a hybrid mincemeat. mincemeat from the new world? heh.

that whole thing about the city. jesus. i mean, ALL of the countries but britain signed on. ALL OF THEM.

but i'm not supposed to be getting you started other than to ask "when can you get rid of him?". groc thinks it will take a while.