Wednesday, December 19, 2007

up until now, fire! (now in the portable variety)

i'm going to lie to you. i'm going to tell you that i've completely recovered from my cold. it's going to come across as fake as a 2d monster in an alleyway

or some plastic ponies in some fake snow

but i'm going to do it anyway simply because i'm tired of it (the cold) lingering. so, hi! i'm all better! the cold is gone!


schmancy has a *really* nice exhibit at the moment. it's called "up until now" and includes such awesome work as soso's "inner demons",

norm chambers' "synth commandos",

joe vollan's "my seamonster",

some fantastic work by supajdelux

and jerimiah ketner's "everything"

to name but a few.

swing by the store and check it out. it's got something for everyone! even your cousin who used to wear y fronts on his head when he ate spaghetti so as not to get food in his hair.

true story. not my story, but it's still a true one.

have you always thought how nice it might be to have a portable fire but can't stand the thought of carrying matches or lighters? problem solved.

pop "fireplace lounge" in your conveyable dvd device and you're smokin'!

but only when you're outside and 25 feet away from a doorway if you happen to be in seattle.

leff's mom sent me some good luck yesterday!

she's so thoughtful!

still, it's that time again. you know, when i slap together an awkward ending and then don't write anything for a few days. yeah, that time.

besides, i need to try and beat my high score at wii bowling.

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