Thursday, September 04, 2014

40 things for leff and a couple of books i liked

leff's got a big bday coming up next month. since it only happens once in a lifetime (fuck forbid if landmark bdays pulled a groundhog day), i'm giving him 40 small presents. so far i have exploded cake in an orange (looks disgusting but it tasted appropriately boozy)

and have given him a large print retirement travel book. ha. (it's not entirely in jest. if [redated] fucking hurries up and [redacts] then it could, potentially, be very useful.)

speaking of books, quit reading this RIGHT NOW and get a copy of tana french's the secret place  (excerpt at link). i loveloveLOVE tana french and this is, hands down, her best work to date. she is amazing at transcending the mystery genre, turning it into something wonderfully literary. just, promise you'll pick up a copy? i don't want to say any more as i don't want to ruin any bit of it for anyone.

while you're at it, add all the light we cannot see to your cart/library list. super lyrical, super readable, often heartbreaking. you know, the good stuff. 

no movies this week. i have a copy of "only lovers left alive" to watch but i'm not feeling it yet. probably 'cause i've got another project in the works in addition to the leff presents. deadlines. they're what keep me going. *shrug*

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