Monday, December 23, 2013

stuffed sherlock coats

since i already had the sweet stuff covered for the upcoming "sherlock" party (blind baker cookies, iou cupcakes), i thought it might be nice to make something a bit more on the savory side. so i cut some trench coat shapes out of phyllo dough and stuffed them with a fig preserve and goat cheese filling. (ok, so it's not exactly savory. so what.)

then i added some turkey bacon scarves. (if you want to make these, you could probably use real bacon or even the veggie version. basically, if you can scarf it, it will more than likely work.)

et voilla! a stuffed sherlock coat! i will have to make more because i had this one for lunch. (i looove fig preserves and goat cheese.)

leff made a slightly different version which i will link to as soon as he uploads. it's adorable.

all sherlock tat for this party can be seen in this handy dandy set. i am *so* ready for the new season to start!

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