Thursday, December 19, 2013

sherlock apple cupcakes

it's not too easy to come up with food ideas for a "sherlock" viewing party. holmes doesn't really eat. i mean, leff and i could sit around wearing multiple nicotine patches but what fun would that be? (ok, fun. i miss nicotine.)

then i remembered the apple that moriarty carved in season 2. and, after a bit of googling, i came across this great idea for apple cupcakes. you can kinda tell where i am going with this, yes?  oh, come on, you've already read the title of this post.

so, yes! sherlock apple cupcakes! the cake itself is apple flavored to keep with concept. (i halved this recipe.) the icing is a basic cream cheese icing that i added maple syrup and ginger to. (how seasonal. no recipe though, sorry.)  red is made from purchased red sanding sugar, obvs. leaves are mint.

so, do u o me? no. but go ahead and make these for any sherlock party you have. after all, that's what people DO!

reminder:  all "sherlock" party stuff can be seen in this set.

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