Saturday, December 21, 2013

christmas crackers! cheez-it edition

at first, i had a hard time convincing leff that homemade cheez-its were a good idea. see, at his job they measure profit in boxes of cheez-its. (he's on vacation and does not want to be reminded of work.(also, i know that is a weird way to measure profit. i guess you had to be there.))

but then i read the recipe to him. and then he smelled them baking. and now we have none left from the half batch that i made.

i will be making another batch of these before peter capaldi's "doctor who" day rolls around. maybe half of them with added sage? maybe a quarter of them with added chili pepper? i just don't know. i *do* know that they are freakin' delicious though. you should make some.

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