Tuesday, December 17, 2013

almost ready to make some more things

hang in there, fans of stuff i make. things have started to ease up here. we've booked all hotels (except berlin) and made all major transportation purchases (barring a side trip to the sedlec ossuary.) i am able to walk without a terribly pronounced limp now. (thanks to those of you who checked on me during FRACTURE 2013. it would have been sehr lonely without you.) i can tell someone that i want to have a drink at their place in german now! (or is it :/ ?)

etc and etc and etc.

so what's upcoming? a small thing for xmas day. two more small things for the new year. odds and ends if i can squeeze them in between trip planning and reading a constellation of vital phenomena. (oh god. READ THAT. i cannot believe it's a first novel.)

basically, the standard sort of stuff that i normally do.

but why are you still here? you've got that anthony marra book to read! and "hanna" to watch! and that new caitlan moran show is premiering on dec 23 which...might be good? idk. imma' give it a shot.

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