Friday, December 20, 2013

christmas crackers! everona market edition

leff and i are serious anglophiles. NOT THE CREEPY KIND, i swear. we don't care about monarchy, we're just in it for the tv (and british men (ok, ha, that's just me.))

anyways, this uk bidness means we're aware of christmas crackers. and i thought, oh ho ho! oh, what pun/ it'd be if we tried/to bake up some word play. HEY! (christ, that's tortured. sorry.) what if we baked crackers at crackers...ah, god, what am i like.

after a bit of searching i came across this very adaptable everona market recipe. ("everona market!" says i to leff. "familiar!" says he as we have both spent a considerable amount of time in the va/dc/md area.)

the recipe gives directions for both the food processing method as well as the hand mashing varietal. we went with the hands on approach. here's leff crumbling in some butter.

and cutting!

and poking. pricking? forking! ha! they can all sound lewd!

they bake in a 450 F oven, erm, quick math, about 177 c? gas mark what? probably 4, anywhere from 6-10 minutes (which is the same in metric, wah waaah) with a quick rotation in between. (leff kept saying "LET'S ROTATE THE BOARD!" every time he did it.)

all of this will yield some fantastic crackers! about 100? i don't know we kept eating them before i could count them all.

we'll be trying some more recipes in the next few days. check back soon, crackalacka!

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