Sunday, November 21, 2004

oh my!

sarah cihat makes very cool rehabed dishware!

and i can buy some of them in memphis! *eeep!!*


Leon said...

When I saw 'rehabed dishware' I went what? The site is interesting and worth a second look.

Funny there is no ceramics group at flickr.

Thanks for giving me the idea for linking to Tamaki's site. His work is awesome!

Btw how in the heck did you choose your title?


r4kk4 said...

yeah, that sarah cihat stuff is wonderful!

i'm getting myself some of her plates as a very late bday present.

i had no idea that there wasn't a ceramics group on flickr! you should start one!

tamaki's stuff is absolutely amazing! i'm glad that you linked to it as well!

the site name i took from a collage that i made a while back. i found the two words next to each other in a magazine and i've been in love with them ever since. (methinks it's the alliteration at play.)