Wednesday, November 07, 2007

oot and aboot in seattletown

remember how i said i was gonna kick sad's ass with vitamin d supplements and leaving the snuggly warm confines of my apartment? so far it's working well, as long as i turn on many, many, many lights before the 4:30 pm darkness rolls in.

yes, they're all cfls. we've been using them for years.

anyway, these short excursions are proving beneficial. monday night leff and i caught clive barker at emp.

we later released him. we believe that's the humane way to treat authors that you're viewing for sport.

tuesday saw us at the jens lekman in store at the lqa easy street.

oh, you're so awesome, jens!

i also ate a cupcake which should come as no surprise to anyone.

and with that, i must leave you. it's shipping central at casa rakkaleff these days. the major event being the impending arrival of leff's new baby.

if you're still looking for something to do, perhaps you should watch shed walk through some leaves. i found it highly entertaining.


santos. said...

ooh clive barker. i met him when i was in college five zillion years ago, when he was still not out of the closet, kinda hugh grant-ish, and had just written his first novel. i went to a book signing, not really knowing who he was, but there were like, 300 guys in line and me. the line was moving pretty swiftly, so when i finally got up to the table, i told him i was skipping 19th century lit to see him and he asked me what novel i was reading, with which i was having trouble. so, mr. barker was nice enough to go through the plot with me. eeee!

anyway, i saw him on tv recently. his voice sounded crazy raspy, like he just had a tracheotomy--how'd he sound when you laired him?

r4kk4 said...

oh my goodness! he's such a nice guy!!

what book were you reading? haha.

and which people haven't you met? HAHAH! ;D

he does sound like he's been smoking for years. in fact, it was difficult to understand what he was saying at first. poor guy!

wastedpapiers said...

We saw his give a talk around the time of his second film "Nightbreed" at the NFT in London and he sounded fine then. He didnt have those trousers on though!

santos. said...

it was "vanity fair". damn that becky sharp. and yes, this was pre-pants.

r4kk4 said...

oh wow! how cool!! i'm envious of both you and chotda!

yeah, i don't know which came first, the voice or the pants. ;D

and, ick. vanity fair. i woulda' skipped too! ;D