Sunday, May 31, 2009

other fun things

i'm going to be frank. my 36th bday wasn't super fun. there was a lot of packing involved, a smattering of cleaning and a bit of frustration. these things happen. BUT the week after my bday has been chock full of coolness!

i mean, we got approval on our home loan on thursday! i also got the blanks for the show in tokyo that i'd been waiting for since the beginning of the month. (i'm about half way finished with the embroidery on those.)

additionally, leff and i took a tour of kcts on saturday. i know, i know, we're geeky for being all pbs fanboy/girl. still, it was cool seeing the "kcts cooks" studio and free cake can never be beat. esp if you've got a copy of "alone in the wilderness" in your bag while you're eating said cake.

we've already watched "alone in the wilderness" three times, btw.

did i mention that we picked out paint colors for the house on saturday? well, i have now. one of those greens above will be the office color. the aqua is going to be in the breakfast nook and the stairwell and the grey is for the bedroom. i can't *believe* that we made our first purchase for our house!

what else, what else? oh yes! proof that you wish that leff could be cloned. he ordered me surprise presents! like, these books!

i can't express how much i love minx comics. i mean, instead of making a "pink ghetto" of sorts with their teenage female graphic novel division, dc has created something smart and a bit edgy. i like. a lot. esp since there's no bonding over shopping trips.

and, get this! "emiko superstar" was written by mariko tamaki, author of "skim". (if you haven't read that, do. thank me later.)

back on topic though, how many bfs are cool enough to order not only graphic novels but a grey gardens book AND huck finn? not many. 'cause that's a weird combo.

and if they are that cool, they certainly wouldn't know that it would be awesome to also order two vintage flocked ponies.

'cause, like...words failing. i'm not kidding. those ponies are so ridiculously cool.

k, i'll stop gushing about my bf now and let you get on with your sunday. besides, it's cool enough to use the oven today and i'd like some twice baked potatoes for dinner.


bonnie said...

I love "Alone in the Wilderness"!

r4kk4 said...

you should come over and watch it sometime!! :D!