Sunday, August 30, 2009

oh, the nature we have seen!

one of the really great things (of many) about living on the peninsula is that you're so freakin' close to wilderness/natural things/beaches/etc.

i'm not gonna' go into super great detail about all of the places we've been lately, but there'll be plenty of pictures!

approx 2 miles from our house is the incredible illahee state park.

i love it mainly because it's so close. i might try my hand at clamming there next year.


also, there's a small beach in port orchard which is accessible by foot ferry.

it's particularly nice to walk on with a belly full of thai food from the farmer's market on saturdays.

one of my most favorite places so far though has been dungeness spit. (thanks go to glew for recommending it!)

it's all bluffs and forest and beach with views of the olympics! plus, on the way there, you'll find yourself at the corner of kitchen dick and woodcock roads. which, you know, funny.

on the same day that we went to dungeness, leff and i also drove to hurricane ridge in the olympic national park.

it's really cool and all 'cause there are deer

but i'm terrified of heights so the drive up was especially anxiety inducing. (i should have taken xanex. i'm not kidding.)

we had lunch while we were there.

also, we did the museum thing. you're not surprised, right?

one last travel destination and i'll let you go. on thursday, we went to seabeck. this is the town.

i'm not kidding.

it was pretty great though because there are fantastic views of the hood canal.

and lots and lots of moss which i adore.

there was even a mosserfall underneath a tree on the beach.

to be honest, it was rather creepy under that tree. i kept thinking that i would find a severed foot. (ed note: i'm SO GLAD that i didn't.)

k, time to get back to reading gardening books! all of this nature stuff has really made us want to replant the front yard. maybe we'll have a casa rakkaleff sign made in national park service font!

ha ha! no.

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