Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a few more things

gears are starting to turn in my head again (and rather quickly, i might add) so let's bullet point this thing so i can tick it off my "things to do" list. cool? cool.

* canning is still happening at the casa. we put up some more jam and made oktoberfest mustard.

we've also got sauerkraut, er, krauting in the basement. it's creepy and really stinky and all leff's once it finishes fermenting.

* leff and i were at the last green drinks. this time at samudra! check out part of the fantastic spread!

* there were fresh picked chanerelles at the farmer's market last week. i will kill for more of them. yeah, they're that good.

* i'm taking my time with the new profesor layton game. it's fun but the tea brewing is a bit annoying.

* i've got a new blog. (i know, i know...) the nephew project. click through if you wanna'. it's basically just a placeholder at the moment. killed this project. i felt like it would bring a mommy blogger readership and, um, fuck no.

time to get back to the literal drawing board!

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