Sunday, November 08, 2009

we made mcdonald's at home!

what do you get when you combine all of these items (plus a pound of ground turkey and a packet of sesame seed buns)?

freakin' homemade big macs, sucka!

leff has been having a mcdonald's craving something fierce for a while now. since neither of us eats beef, this presented somewhat of a problem. after a bit of googling, i came across this site which, i'll be damned, has recipes for a ton of items on mcdonald's menu that actually produce incredible results!

the big mac pictured above tasted like a freakin' big mac! (a short note: even though we replaced the ground beef with ground turkey, we couldn't tell a difference. must've been all the msg. heh.)

these four items?

they made chocolate milkshakes that tasted just like they came from mickey d's!

leff didn't think they were thick enough but, you know, whatever. like i've got guar gum just sitting on the shelf.

the most interesting part of the whole experiment, to me at least, is that the coma that accompanies the ingestion of mcdonald's burgers has descended upon both leff and me. it's just like college! and, just as i did in the early '90s, i'm gonna' go sleep this off.


Irregular Shed said...

I seem to recall that recipes are a bit different in different territories, due to differing tastes. Either way, naughty fun.

r4kk4 said...

this one was more standard '80s fare. they changed the flavor of all of their burgers mid 90s to make them "fresher".

we let the big macs stand for 7 minutes and then we microwaved them for 15 seconds before we ate them. haha!

i'm still feeling the nastiness of the burgers today though. blargh.

Tynody said...

It makes me wonder, are these any healthier than the ones they were modeled after?

Most likely not if you guys hit a mcdonalds coma lol

r4kk4 said...

oh, i'm sure they're not any healthier! i've felt like crap for days after i ate the big mac.

still, the craving has been met and we didn't have to go to mcdonald's to do it.