Monday, March 29, 2010

another monday

now that blogger has decided to cooperate with photo uploads, i can catch up on the last week.

i'm assuming that a lot of you watched "mad men", season 3 this week. i know that i did. again.

it was even better the second time. no, i won't post any spoilers. yes, i still think that the last three episodes are the best three hours of television that i've seen in my life.

other than mad men (and *still* recuperating from my cold + a hyperextened knee) i've been dealing with the seedlings

and scoping out some blossoms. there are some cherry trees near my house that make me so very happy.

our damson plum is nothing to sneeze at either!

i also made some easter munny cookies for ben and rachel. i haven't mailed them yet though as i can't really walk (hyperextended knee, you know. (it actually looks like i've been in car wreck! (and all i did was sit down. sigh...))

anyway, easter munny cookies.

and i recreated the cosby with the pudding, among other things.

i can tell you why in a month or so. it's really quite exciting!

and on that note, i'm gonna' let you go. mr. tea (redux) is calling me!

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