Monday, March 05, 2012

odds and sods

bloody mary bunny ears!

i'll be gone from this blog for two weeks! surely you can deal with that though as i'll have 1) rhyley posts 2) travel posts when i get back. and you guys love those. (stats don't lie!)

i've been hard at work in my studio/office

 in anticipation of all of my upcoming vacation.

leff helped me photograph one of the finished pieces.

the piece in question being my "california love" book for the bcc show.

i also finished the fourth journal on excheckered.

some of those are full of cat surprises!

anyway, yeah! see you sometimes in late march! if you need to read something of mine, head over to excheckered which will be autoposting.

many thanks in advance to rhys who will be house/cat sitting! europe, here we come!

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