Tuesday, September 04, 2012

oh riiiight

YESTERDAY was monday. it was also a holiday state side so, whatever, here is your weekly post today. labor day weekend was pretty much this:

i sang my pimm's song every time i made a new drink but that is not new. i ALWAYS sing my pimm's song when i drink anything made with the stuff. (sometimes i sing it so quietly that you do not hear me BUT I AM SINGING IT!)

the rest of the hols were about carving halloween lanterns. YES IT IS TOO EARLY FOR THIS but i will be gone for a good portion of october so shut up, k?

here you will see malcolm tucker,


and jake and finn.

and that's that. well, ok, i watched some of "green wing" and then some dinosaur shows on mute but this is fairly normal behavior round these parts.

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