Monday, October 15, 2012

another week with rhys! yay!

YAY! YAY! MORE RHYS! so what happens when rhys buys some gummies at certy terget? yes, of course, we pour gin on them and leave them in the fridge for three days.

this worked really well with the haribo bears (drunken ones on the left).

buuuut the swedish fish were gross at best. i mean, the boozy ones look poached. ick.

leff made us some bubble dogs one night. he has gotten so good at this that i am not sure that we will be going to the actual store in london this week. OMG LONDON THIS WEEK!

anyway, back to food, one night we roasted a whole chicken using peri peri spices that rhys had bought at the market.

it was delicious.

speaking of the market, we have been spending quite a lot of time there.

i even managed to locate the heaven's gate tile again.

and since the new target is so close to the market we shuffled over there too.

i don't even know why anyone would want to be redfoo for halloween. i really don't.

on thursday, rhys and i met leff in cap hill. we had lunch at the honey hole (not pictured) and dragged some paintings of mine home from a gallery that had closed. (thanks again, rhys!) here're pictures of the only things i ever take pictures of in cap hill. yep, tags.  happy ghost is happy.

we have been on the ferry so much.

i honestly don't understand how leff is able to do it every work day. THANK YOU LEFF FOR CONTINUING TO WORK AND TAKE THE FERRY YOU ARE THE GREATEST!

i dyed my hair again this week. you are not surprised.

you are also not surprised that we had brunchy brunch on sunday. no, we didn't eat cobwebs

but we did drink our breakfast.

and then i took a two hour nap. that is the ONLY way to deal with a sunday.

what else before i let you go until after i get back from my trip. oh, well, halloween decorations are finished. here's a burny test shot of all the lanterns.

and the remaining three xl banksy rat stencils.

i love halloween. even netflix is being spooky this year.

SPEAKING OF HALLOWEEN! i will have many posts starting then TRAVEL POSTS! YOU LOVE THE TRAVEL POSTS! also install shots of the stencils and lanterns in place. YOU ALSO LOVE THOSE!

so yeah, see you in about two weeks. if you follow me on plus GET READY FOR THE CAPSLOCK UPDATES!

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