Thursday, June 27, 2013

have some cat pictures

there is really nothing happening here this summer. well, nothing much that i feel like discussing in public anyway. oh! i know! clouseau and i have caught up on "horrible histories".

no, not the cartoon that is currently streaming through netflix. (although, yes, the shows are cousins.) it's the cbbc version. clouseau, being the cbeebie that he is (what? he may be old for a cat but he is young for a human), is quite fond of "stupid deaths".

peelio won't stop watching the dick turpin song because of mathew baynton and eyeliner.

she's certainly got a type, that cat. i keep telling her that the new romantics are so over but she's all PSH WHATEVER THEY ARE DUE FOR A REVIVAL

fair point, kitten. fair point. she still won't believe me when i tell her that "stand and deliver" was an adam ant thing first though. (this is because she is a cat.)

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