Wednesday, May 07, 2014

and etc...

the great purge continues. i am shredding/shedding as much of my pnw life as possible. thankfully, i enjoy this process.

i'm also finding out a few things. turns out, the answer to the question below is a resounding "no".

and in today's round of "what the fuck's in that book?" it's a paper crane in a narnia volume.


santos. said...

I dislike purging but if I don't do it, karma finds a way of biting me in the arse and my stuff disappears whether I like it or not.

r4kk4 said...

we're going to end up donating about 250 books and maybe 325 cds to this new thrift store. i mean, it benefits a local hospice so i feel good about the decision.

honestly though, i just don't want to deal with this shit any more. when all's said and done, i think we'll have 3/4 less than we had on the move out from memphis. (a lot of things are from college. we've kept it in good repair but it's time to move on.)