Sunday, November 30, 2014

leff got me a holiday present!

hey! i got a new kindle for the holidays! 

as you can see, samuel whiskers (on the left) was, to quote leff "quite pathetic" in his old age. so instead of letting me read mr. whiskers/my old kindle completely into the ground, leff got me a new one. HOORAY!!

i must say, rockmetteller todd is a much sharper and zippier little chap. plus, the capacity! PHWAR! (i have only uploaded 45 books (SO FAR) but mr. todd was all NBD *PEW PEW* (ok, that was a fib. there were no lasers.))

anyone taking bets on how long it is until poor rockmetteller has to be retired? hahahaha haaa i read too much.

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