Monday, September 14, 2015

books, plants and the start of halloween season

doesn't the bookkeep sound like where the books retreat when they are under attack? i am glad that they have a stronghold. 

i'm getting ready to go all in with cooking this fall/winter. maybe you can tell by the glut of cookbooks i've checked out from the library.

yes, many of them are japanese cookbooks. i obviously still haven't recovered from tokyo. (does anyone? god, japan is amazing.)

while at the hobbit house  greenhouse last weekend, we picked up some heather that has now been termed the poitier plant.

no reason, really. (heh)

another thing i'm going to go big with this year is halloween.

perhaps you will recall that i used to do this?  (that is my go to master post for all halloween related linkage.) after skipping last year, i think it's time to return to form in memory of chotda. please check back soonish!

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