Sunday, January 24, 2016

idk, whateve

longtime readers know how much i despise this fucking place during the ass end of winter. yeah, well, we're smack in the middle of it now. fucking hell.

even tinsel hearts piss me off, you know? tho, tbh, they kinda agitate me even when i don't want to punch the world in the face. so 60's, right?

i made some ridiculous book cover because god's boat by kaori ekuni deserves better than what it got with its english translation. (book is not about god, religion, or boats. can you HONESTLY see me reading ANYTHING about ANY of those. ugh.)

ghost horse just makes me laugh. it's going to be the only "book" i'm ever reading again. ha

leff and i finished the live action "nobunaga concerto" last night. even if you're not into jdrama, maybe give this one a look. it's got something for the whole goddamned family and maybe even their pets. idk what your pets are like.

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