Sunday, February 21, 2016

two thirds of the international rice festival

yes, it's another "himitsu no kenmin show" inspired post! this time, leff and i consumed two thirds of the international rice festival dishes. oh my god, they are so good!  and they generally have nothing to do with the parts of the world after which they are named. 

sicilian rice has become a staple at the casa as it is relatively healthy. this dish has a nice amount of calrose rice under a vinaigrette dressed mixture of lettuce + cabbage + cukes which is then topped with kewpie mayo and beef strips that have been cooked in a soy and mirin reduction. add tomatoes and corn et voila, dinner. 

volga rice, however, is reserved for special occasions as this is omurice topped with tonkatsu and chuno sauce!

if i were to throw caution, and possibly my health, to the wind, i would eat this every day. i cannot describe how amazing it is.

actually, both of these dishes are fantastic. can't wait to make the final yoshoku "international" rice dish from the show, turkish rice from nagasaki. that involves butter rice, tonkatsu AND japanese spaghetti neopolitain AND I AM SO EXCITED TO TRY IT.

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