Saturday, March 12, 2016

neko atsume cupcakes

it is gross outside and we are done with winter (even though it isn't finished with us) so, even though i had to find the box that in which the food dye was packed, i made some neko atsume cupcakes today to bring some cheer to me and leff.

they were made in the same way as the moriarty cake from last month but, in case don't want to click, the cats were made by creating chocolate outlines

that were then filled with layers of colored whipped cream. here they are in the freezer.

after making some white cupcakes that i filled with diced chocolate covered strawberries, i peeled and stuck on pumpkin,






and gozer.

not pictured individually are marshmallow, shadow, smokey, socks and tabitha although you can see them in the group shots!

i *am* feeling a little better now. i think it's impossible to be grumpy when looking at cute neko faces.

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