Sunday, December 26, 2004


you know how i mentioned yesterday that i was going to see "the life aquatic"? well, i didn't. because the roads in the f###ing town are still f###ing iced over.

which means that i haven't left my apartment in four f###ing days! i'm about to lose it! i really, really am! grrrrrr!!!

at least it's supposed to be above 50f /10c tomorrow, so maybe all of this goddamned ice will finally melt and i can go do something outside of my domicile.

this just proves one thing, i'm not cut out for prision. and it also make me wonder how my agoraphobic neighbor from a few years back could tolerate being in the same space for so long.


Lou said...

In florida it was like 40 today. brrr. Tomorrow it is suppose to be 70 so I am happy. Florida is weird...

r4kk4 said...

florida rocks! well, except during the summer! ouch! hothothot!

(we're usually about 20 degrees cooler than you during the winter.)

today, we're supposed to be back up to normal in the 50's. everything should melt and i should be able to go buy some freakin' cat food! hooray!! hooray for clear roads and easily accesible kibble! hahah!