Monday, December 15, 2008

it snowed

did you hear? it snowed in seattle this weekend. leff took some nice pics of it at counterbalance park on saturday night.

(more photos here)

i'm feeling a bit deflated today. this is due, in part, to a fairly serious car accident that occurred to someone i know last night (she and the people in the other car are ok as far as we know at this point. it was a head on collision.) as well as my trip to the neurosurgeon this afternoon.

you can understand why i'm all airless and in need of personal fix-a-flat.

still, leff's office party was fun. he wrote about how we banished a trench coat illusionist with the power of europe on his blog.

and i should mention that breakfast cucumbers are both portable AND anti inflammatory if they are coated with turmeric.

possible medical update later this afternoon.

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