Tuesday, January 13, 2009

danny o's 28th bday, flan, and i don't know what else

man, i'm having a hard time getting started on this post because i can't stop laughing about how my recently discovered hyper mobile joints and my lack of depth perception are the biological reasons for my gawky, clumsy physcial awkwardness. (the social awkwardness, weeeeell, that's another story...)

in other words, i was genetically predisposed to become a geek. which, i suppose is one of the few decent options that are available in the crap shoot that is hillbilly genetics. (come on, it's funny. (because it's true.))

anyway, in something not related to inherit loserdom, happy 28th bday, danny!

i'm sorry that i didn't bring a breakfast cucumber as a present. also, i'm sorry i had to ditch the show early because of spinal difficulty. i just suck all around.

what doesn't suck is flan. esp if it's been put into a bunny mold first.

it is also fun to play with the caramel packet that is included in the mix.

not much else happened last week other than prep for the new project, prep for the "evening magazine" shoot

and pt. and this week doesn't promise to be much more exciting as i'm getting ready for our trip to d.c. (now THAT. that will be cool. it's not every day that you get to see obama inaugurated plus hang out with calvo.)

i'll try to post before next monday but, honestly, do you want to hear about what liquids and gels i'm packing in my quart ziplock bag? yeah, i didn't think so.

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