Sunday, January 18, 2009

we're headed to the inauguration

just a few housecleaning items here before i head off to d.c. for obama's inauguration!!

1) the following valentine (along with many others by many talented people) will be available for purchase for $4 at fred flare starting the last week in jan.

all proceeds will go to elder craftsman, a program that brings crafts to older folks in the nyc area. more info available here.

2) i'll be posting photos from and about our "inauguration vacation" in this flickr set if you'd like to follow along in semi real time.

3) i'm also reactivating my twitter account after leaving it dormant since 2006. to follow my inauguration updates, please click here. (i'm sure they'll be just as dull as everyone else's tweets in d.c.)

4) MANY early thanks to calvo who will be putting us up the night before the swearing in ceremony. we heart you, calvo!

5) suspect and fugitive will still be updated throughout the trip.  only 12 more days to go!  then the new 365 project starts!

see you next week, chitterlings!

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