Tuesday, June 30, 2009

blogger tried to mark this blog as spam

hey, readers. well, readers when you don't have to see the "this might be a spam blog" notification. *eyeroll*

long story short, blogger decided to try and mark my blog as spam. does it matter that i've had this address since 2004 and have posted fairly regularly until this year? apparently not. i can tell you this, the criteria for marking a blog as spam seems to be very random.

i can also tell you that it is supremely irritating.

so, yeah. blogger people who review this site, it's not spam. i don't appreciate being tagged as such. the name refers to a quote from a friend of mine who used to say "i'm so awesome, i piss glitter". can i get the blog restored now, please?


Irregular Shed said...

There's no spam notification for me, so I guess it's sorted. But seriously, WTF?

Today will go down in history as a lame-ass day for so many people I know, me included (far too long a story for a Blogger comment). A royal MEH all round.

r4kk4 said...

that's good news! thanks for letting me know!

they shut down my ability to post a little while ago. i'm not sure if it's been restored yet.

i'm sorry you're having a lame day too! is everything ok?

june has kinda' been sucky. personally cool in many regards but worldwide, really pretty horrible. i'm hoping that july will be better for everyone!