Tuesday, June 23, 2009

home, sweet, home

hey, kiddos! sorry to have been gone for so long but it is capital BUSY in btown!

since i left you in the lurch, we've moved into our new house! among all of the mowing, weeding, unpacking, getting the cats settled, etc, i've also been painting. i've pretty much painted the entire upstairs but the most dramatic before and after can be seen in the breakfast nook. it went from this hideous scorching mess:

to something super fresh.

i learned from that room that wainscoting is a pain in the nuts to paint even if you don't have nuts to be pained.

we also got our washer and dryer. there's a bit of a story behind it. see, leff and i went to sears, ordered a standard sized lg front loading washer and dryer and, guess what? our 1919 house didn't want them. the stairwell to the basement was too small. so we researched a bit and found some "european" models.

this basically means that they're less than 24" in width. tiny. (they still have surprisingly large capacities however.) it does *not* mean that they drink espresso out of small cups at the sidewalk cafe, watch the footie, read italian vogue or use euros. although that would be cool...

it's been a straight up culture shock not living in the city. people say hello on the street (and i have to fight the urge to sneer or move away or curse at them. my middle finger is getting some well needed rest.). i know my neighbors. (and not in that "SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU STUPID PRICK!! IT'S 4 AM AND YOUR MUSIC SUCKS!" kind of way.) the yelling and screaming is from the park where people are playing games or swinging on the swingset and not some tweaker or a douchey bastard stumbling home.

and the people at the park at 3 am? they're launching their boats to go fishing and are not part of a "drug cartel".

also? i'm able to sleep through the night for the first time in almost 20 years. which, you know, i never expected to happen.

another thing? i have a yard! i mean, i can eat outside without some asshat letting their dog take a shit five feet from me. it's incredible and wonderful and there are flowers.

AND fruit!!!

those cherries are from our tree. i honestly cannot. fucking. believe. it. sure, i have to fight the racoons, squirrels and birds for the fruit, but it's worth it.

our plum tree should start fruiting in a few weeks. if you'd like some fruit, i'll totally share it with you! esp if you happen to have a recipe for plum wine.

right, it's back to unpacking for me! i'll post more about the shift from second tier city to tiny town as warrented. (i can tell you this much already though, i'm really enjoying my break from density.)

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