Monday, December 07, 2009

another catch up post

i'm fighting another cold (like you're surprised) so, once again, this is gonna' be the highlights (minus goofus and gallant) from the past couple of months.

so, halloween. it was actually quite enjoyable staying at home with our large bowl of candy.

we had about 20 trick or treaters. here are three.

leff and i dressed as the lamest hemmingway duo ever for about 15 minutes.

the old man and the c? geddit? oh, never mind. it's time to skip ahead about a month.

since this was our first nonvegetarian thanksgiving in 13 years, leff and i went berserker with the cooking. we made our first turkey and enough sides to last us for four and a half days.

i also made three versions of tiny pies. pumpkin,


and key lime.

there were also the traditional nachos. do i need to make the annual maize joke? you can do that yourself by now, right? right?!

moving on ('cause i'm starting to slip into a food coma just *looking* at that stuff.), we *were* going to have a mixmas party but we had to cancel. here's one of the decorations that i made before "dashing everyone's hopes".

(in reference to. although how are you a reader of this blog and "spinal tap" illiterate?)

what else? oh yes! we finally had some fucking coffee in the goddamned domo cups.

i mean, it took long enough for them to be back in stock...

but onward (and upward?) to december and the 5th anniversary ucu. i attended with a gaggle of bremeresidents this year instead of being sidelined by doctor's orders. have some atmosphere, why don't you?

here're danny and jessie (who's holding some of winter's delicious cupcakes!).

and jamie of mid air designs. (he's in b&w by request.)

i cannot *tell* you how nice it is to meet someone else from the east coast. sometimes i go through right coast withdrawal symptoms esp after years of dealing with pnw passive aggressive default syndrome. (yeah, i said it. you know it's true.)

was it crowded at this year's ucu? what do you fucking think? of *course* it was!

(sorry that i missed you, megan and glews. maybe i'll see you in the spring!)

what else? ah, yes! i'm still working on the library! sketchbook. here're two more drawings for your perusal.

i'm hoping to have this finished before the ridiculousness of the holiday apex.

also, i got a peek at kristen rask's new book that i'm included in! the whole thing looks great! (i can't wait to get my copy from the publisher!)

k, time to end this thing with the standard cat pictures/video.

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