Wednesday, December 23, 2009

happy your holidays to you

let's just jump into things. the library sketchbook is finished and in california. i'll post the press release when it becomes available. in the mean time, here's a sid and nancy drawing.

did you know that it had been super cold here in pnwland? it certainly was. so cold, in fact, that we had sea smoke for a few days.

that's best viewed large if you're into that sort of thing.

so, yeah. holidays. you know i don't give a fuck about them. i do, however, enjoy the baked goods that accompany the bullshit "war" that happens ever year. war provisions like this delicious festivus brownie from samudra

and these adorable cookies (also from samudra).

but the closest i get to celebrating anything is by doing a bit of santa stalking.

no, i don't understand that elf's hat any more than you do.

nonholiday wise, the phone that i won arrived.

it's ok. the camera is pretty good. soon i'll have a data plan and it will be even better. look, i can live with it because it was free.

and that's it for 2009. i don't feel like recapping the year. it was a beast in many ways but was also quite fantastic for me career wise. that's really all you need to know.

anyway, happy the holidays to you if you celebrate one of them. if you need me, i'll be sitting on this corner of the couch

reading nemesis, tinkers, drood and the equally huge jonathan strange and mr. norell. text me if you need me. i might get back to you if i haven't turned my phone off.

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