Monday, April 05, 2010

another week, another post

no, i'm not really feeling discombobulated.

i do, however, really, REALLY like that painting. i'm tempted to go back with my mini crowbar and pry it off that wall.

so, easter happened.

we didn't do too much. i mean, we went to uwajimaya. i don't feel like going into the entitled attitude we were unfortunately (but unsurprisingly) subjected to from f holes who look like this on our way to the store. except to say, really, how sad is it that there are so many of those pathetic cliches in seattle?

one great thing to come of the trip: we found out that uwajimaya has an amazon store. that means i'll only have to cross the sound for dental work now so, yay me!

anyway, here're some flowers

and an anvil cloud.

"buffy" and "arrested development" are now streaming on netflix so i've got that to do.


jen said...

love that pic of the flower :)

r4kk4 said...


i love those trees. they're still blooming!