Monday, April 26, 2010

chocolate, plants plus an s&f contest

surprise! i found time to write something! although, i promise you, it won't be much.

last tuesday, i attended amy of amy's decadent chocolates chocolate presentation at the bremerton library. informative! and there were chocolate samples.

the rest of the week was spent keeping my nose to the grindstone. well, the rest of the week until saturday when i finally took a break and went to the opening day of the port orchard farmer's market.

since it's early in the season, it was mostly shellfish and bedding plants which, you know, fine by me!

in truth, those aren't all plants that i bought yesterday. there are a sprinkling of seedlings that i started and a few plants that i picked up at the library plant sale. (what? you knew that i spend all of my free time at the library.)

i didn't get any shellfish though because i have a fear of eating most sea beasties. i have my reasons.

so, i'm starting a month's worth of suspect and fugitive card giveaways today. if you'd like to win a herman meunster card

head on over and check out how to enter.

if you're still in a clicking mood, 37 confections is still happening. today is a miniature version of momofuku's crack pie.

and if your clicking finger is still itchy, why not wander over to stupid fucking awesome?

i'm almost to month five.

this week is when the major work begins for the show at bluebottle. i'll be posting updates at suspect and fugitive and maybe here if i have time.

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