Saturday, May 22, 2010

hi, sfweekly readers!

thanks for clicking through! also, thanks to andy wright for being so kind about the melty cakes. honestly though, they do suck. (thanks for pointing out the article, arpat!)

here's an old lo res image of a pac man cupcake that i made, like 20 billion years ago. just, you know, cause.

if you're into baking, here's a link to my flickr baking set. there're a substantial amount of game cakes there. i don't work with game imagery much anymore, however.

i'm also about to finish up a 37 day stunt baking blog.

and, if you're into the food thing, i've got an opening at bluebottle gallery on june 10 that's based on my old 365 blog, suspect and fugitive. (my new 365 blog is here (warning: f bomb in title but sfw))

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