Monday, May 10, 2010

monday again

work continues on the solo show. (semi real time photos posted here. i still haven't been able to get these gobstoppers to work correctly.

but i did finish the "dill bert". (bert made from dill)

("dill bert" will be framed and available for purchase at bluebottle in june.)

i did take a break to hit the bremerton farmers market where there is SKYR!

it's incredibly delicious. and, if i'm not mistaken, yet another thing that you can't get in seattle.

plants are still happening.

although leff is on gardening and yard work patrol as i've not got time for it these days. (thanks, leff!)

new contest at suspect and fugitive starts today. go enter! win this fake ham solo card!

also, stupid fucking awesome continues

as does 37 confections.

basically the only new thing that happened this last week is the skyr. ha.


bonnie said...

what's wrong with gobstoppers? did they cease to be everlasting?

r4kk4 said...

nothing. it's just really hard to print or draw on them.