Monday, November 29, 2010

back to a regular monday

edit:  heya, not martha readers! (megan, i'm glad that the marmite gravy worked!  sorry that the other was so salty!)

leff and i (ok, i) had planned a big day out on the wed before thanksgiving that included the harry potter exhibit at pacsci, cashing in my gift certificate for a movie at a matinee, the picasso exhibit at sam and then claiming some free crepes at unicorn (they used one of leff's photos, i think?). but none of this was to be as it snowed less than two inches in seattle.

yeah, i laugh at the sheer stupidity of it too.

suffice it to say, leff's been at the rakkaleff homestead since tuesday of last week. it's a good thing that we get on so well!

ah, thanksgiving. that happened without a hitch despite the power threatening to go out.

we finally finished all of the leftovers on sunday.

as you are no doubt aware given my incessant nattering about it,  urban craft uprising is THIS WEEKEND!  the milk king printed up my banner (that leff designed and that a had cleaned up the "rabbit ears" image for).  i got it on saturday.  isn't it the most wonderfully ridiculous thing you've ever seen?!

this past weekend i also started working on holiday baking.  here's a set of three cookies that i'm mailing to my favorite euroguys!  lego bricks,


and cat bus cookies!

they're all orange butter cookies except for the cat buses which are chocolate orange butter cookies.  fancy!

time for me to finish the little piddling things that i have to do before ucu.  clouseau has promised to help.

by that, he means, he's going to meow at me until i stop working and play string with him.

oh yes!  the last contest in "celebration" of my booth (#66!) at urban craft uprising starts today! click over for details on how to win these two paintings and two cards!

if you're in the seattle area, please stop by and say hi to me at urban craft uprising! i'd love to meet you and chances are i'll have some free weird candy!

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