Monday, November 01, 2010

halloween recap + some site stuff

happy late halloween, everybody!

here are the xl stencils that i made for the front of the house this year. the theme this time was cartoon villains. such as gargamel,

mojo jojo,


and zorak.

daytime install:

and at night:

also new, i got the cards for my new weekly blog skull diggery!

if you'd like a card, send me an addresses to which you'd like it to be mailed, subject line "skull diggery cards" at rakkadeer [at] gmail [dot] com.

another brand new and absolutely ridiculous thing is this banner that leff made for my for my ucu booth!

just look for the insanity and you'll have found my table! ( will be up sometime after we get back from london. just chill, winston. it will happen eventually.)

here it was in progress. 'cause, why not?

k, got to pack for london! there won't be an update here next monday since i'll be in the uk. i'm sure you can survive until i get back. wink, etc.

if you do need something to read, however, stupid fucking awesome is autoposting the whole time i'm away.

one reverse skeletor

and a buddy jesus

and i'm out!

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