Monday, March 14, 2011

vaguely spring, new project, assorted things

if you read this blog, you know how difficult this past winter has been for me.  i'm sure you can imagine how my mood has lifted since spring has kinda' started to happen here. (although i'm not really buying it as it's so goddamned cold and windy which is how it's supposed to be in november.)

i was very happy to see my first robin of the year.  i have to take my harbingers where i can get them.

although, come on. this sunlight is so anemic for the middle of march.

work wise, i've started on the piece that's due in april.  here are the electronics innards that shed put together for me. (than you, shed!! (heh heh!))

here are the other components

including a pressure bandage to help me with arthritis.

follow along in semi real time here.

other things from this week include consuming copious amounts of lemon curd

and finding an old maid in a gutter.

skull diggery, excheckered

and pax and ak continue.

and i've decided that i enjoy sloane crosley books more in theory than reality.

see you next week.

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