Monday, March 28, 2011

bake sale for japan, work, maybe spring will get here

first of all, i want to thank those of you who contributed to my etsy fundraiser for japan! i'm going to be sending $150 usd to the red cross thanks to you guys! you're really the greatest! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

continuing with the fundraising for japan, this weekend, the seattle version of the national bake sale for japan is happening at cakespy shop. more info and volunteer opportunities can be found here.

i've been making cookies for the bake sale. (in fact, i'll be baking all week. you can follow along in this flickr set if you'd like. here are the cookies that i've made so far:

a giant haruko (from "flcl") manga cookie

she's eating ramen on that cookie.

the zojirushi elephant!

cup noodle cookies!

and astro boy!

all of these (and more!) will be for sale at the bake sale, so get your ass to the cakespy shop and buy something.

want some behind the scenes from baking?  ok, have some stencils and some dye. (i like to mix dyes. it's a holdover from art school, i think.)

what else, what else.  oh!  i read a little bit this week and my kindle came up agatha christie when i turned it off.

also been working on excheckered,

skull diggery,

and pax and ak.

clouseau has been assisting me in those endeavors.

i'm also still making slow progress on the piece that's due in april.

semi real time set here.

so, yeah, spring is still trying to happen.  i keep trying to encourage it but i think it's become as apathetic as i have.

stupid winter that won't end. *shaking fist at winter*

leff's on vacation for the next two days so i'm gonna' go hang out with him.  see you next week!

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