Friday, April 01, 2011

bake sale for japan reminder

just a reminder that the seattle bake sale for japan is TOMORROW, sat, april 2nd from 10 am-1:45 pm at cakespy shop, 415 e pine st, seattle, wa. all proceeds from the sale are going to the red cross.

here's the final batch of baked goods that i made for the sale. (you can see them all together in the flickr set.) if you're in the seattle area, why not stop by the sale and pick up one or two or three?

soot sprite cookies (from "my neighbor totoro" and "spirited away")

an orange flavored wreath based on the one that mr osono made for kiki in "kiki's delivery service" in both its unbaked (where it looks much better, honestly)

and the finished baked versions.

tare panda cookies

onigiri emoticon cookies

sleepy squid cookies that were based on a restaurant sign

kamineko cookies (although only one will be available at the sale since the other broke while i was wrapping it. (leff ate it.))

nara pup cookies

murakami flower cookies

and kodama cookies (from "princess mononoke")

if you can't make it to the sale, please consider making a donation to the red cross. thanks so much!


L. T. Zen said...

Wow your Murakami flower cookies are spectacular.

r4kk4 said...

thanks! :D