Monday, April 11, 2011

same old, same old

just like last week, my hatred of this region is still going strong. i'll try to not belabor the subject but do know that it's extremely difficult.

like i mentioned last week, i'm focusing on work to get me through the remainder of my wa state stint. some of you know what i'm talking about. all i can tell you at this point is to check the rakkadeer site to keep up with announcements. (keep in mind that these things do take time.)

not work related, leff built a phallic castle last night in "carcassonne".

put your uprising joke here.

also not work related, i've decided that i can only tolerate online reading clubs. (don't get me started on the sheer hell that is a seattle area reading club. just. don't.) anyway, the awl has a really good one going right now. the first book was peyton place. next up is valley of the dolls.

if you know me irl, you know how excited i am by the prospect of this trash being more widely read. sweet fucking neely o'hara, it is so wonderfully bad.

(i also want to point you in the direction of atomic books' reading club. they've always got great picks too! an additional plus, they're in baltimore and not seattle. (strange as it may seem, i miss living in baltimore from time to time. not being able to pop into atomic is one of the reasons.)

but back to the work topic/usual ending. excheckered. this was my favorite post from last week.

and here's last week's pax.

the new one will be posted shortly.

until then, i'm going to crash out with clouseau

and read valley of the dolls. you should too! just, you know, in your own home.

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