Monday, April 18, 2011

still the same

*insert typical hatred of the pnw here* as things have still not gotten any better. (please know that the shit weather is only the very smallest part of the reason that i want to move back to the east coast again.)

this week i developed an smart phone.

and found an inadvertent volcanic explosion in my studio.

best news of all: jens sent me a package with super tiny deer included!

(apologies for my hands in that photo. the mail arrived while i was working and i didn't bother to wash up before taking the photo.)

here's last week's pax. (latest image posted soon.)

and one of last week's excheckered pieces. (newest collage should be up soon.)

i also made a really quick embroidery of one of my favorite "simpsons" quotes yesterday.

i'm off to decide if i'd rather see bye bye kitty!!! @ japan society or art in the streets @ moca (or both. or neither.) by the end of the summer.

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