Monday, April 25, 2011

work, blah, blah, blah

before any seattle area people start going on and on about how great saturday's weather was, remember this: one good day of weather with temperatures in the normal range for april does not make up for an entire shitty, shitty spring and the lack of summer last year.

in other words, i still despise pretty much everything about this region.

what is not worthy of disdain, however, is this new orange teapot that leff picked up the other day.

i've started a weekly embroidery blog called threadjacker. here's last week's entry called "crop dusting".

i'm only making these when i've got a spare minute (ha!) so they're really, really quick.

i finished the "renton" journal on excheckered. this is what the total 112 bound collages look like when stacked.

some of the innards of "renton" from last week.

and, of course, here's last week's "pax and ak".

new pieces from all three projects will be posted in just a bit.

until then, cats! or rather, cat, as both pictures are of fujiko.

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