Monday, April 04, 2011

where i pretty much give up

i could pretend that it was spring in this shitty, goddamed, fucking jackdick part of the country by posting these pictures, toeing the party line and saying "oh, the seattle area is fabulous! we have so many green things this time of year!".

but then i would be lying to you. yes, there are blossoms but it's only been 60 degrees f once so far this fucking year. plus the blue sky in the cherry blossom photos was around for 10 minutes tops. honestly, it looks a hell of a lot more like this most of the time.

so i give up. i fucking give up. i'll enjoy warmth and life again when we move out of washington state. until then, i'll just work.  at least my productivity won't go by the wayside.

speaking of work, here's a left over picture from last week's baking insanity.

leff has become xbox royalty. (ok, no.  he just got trinkets for completing "fable 3".)

i got some fish sauce. it's kinda' "eurgh?" to work with, imho, but it's comfort food for leff.

this is my comfort food.

back to work, here's a collage from last week from excheckered.

new pax and ak will be up shortly.  skull diggery has been put on posting hiatus for a little while.

now to get back to working and trying not to smash in people's heads with bricks.  my cat's cute though, so that's something that could help me curb my murderous rage at this fucking region.


Ana J. said...

Two things - I have lived only two places my entire life.
One is Upper Hayford until I was three. The other is Seattle. Like you, I love warm weather, but it simply cracks me up to read this post knowing you are british and almost everyone I know compares british weather to washington weather. =)

Also, thought this might cheer you up:

PS - I hope the bake sale went splendid!

r4kk4 said...

see, it would be funny if i was actually british. :D

i'm from tn. you know, where there are seasons. haha! so, yeah, i REEEEEEEEEALLY hate it here. ha!

Ana J. said...

Haha oh my gosh, my bad! I assumed your love for british snacks and things had something to do with that!
Ha wooow I failed. But, look, now we know a nit about each other!

r4kk4 said...

no worries! ha! people tend to think i'm either british, french or japanese. i'm used to it. ;D

i don't really know where the anglophilia came from to be honest but i do love the uk!