Monday, May 02, 2011

too much going on

it's may.  of COURSE there's too much going on for me to write paragraphs here.  things that have changed since last week that are noteworthy:

1) i'm organizing a bake sale for the south that's taking place saturday, may 14th at cakespy shop. more info and the volunteer form can be found HERE!

(many thanks to angela for making our logo!!)

2) i smacked the living bejesus out of my knee and have been couch bound for days.  it's disgusting and painful.

the rest of the week in photos with relevant links where neccesary...

from excheckered

from pax and ak

from threadjacker


Ana J. said...

Do you sell any of your pax and ak prints? Because they are so damn cute, I swear... I could decorate a whole room with them.

r4kk4 said...

thanks! i'm thinking of getting prints done of some of them by the end of the year. i'll post here when i do!