Monday, May 16, 2011

another week where i was mostly there in some form or other

i am here.


last week was a heathen that is, thankfully, over. i'm going to leave it at that and gloss over things with some lilac from our yard.

in the middle of the baking extravaganza, i realized that i open evaporated milk like my grandmother did.

part of heathen week involved a trip to seattle. (ugh. i know right?) i hadn't been there since december of last year and i'm not planning on going back until december of this year, if then.

heading home we saw the best painting in the world.

i love how this guy kept proudly displaying his low camp masterpiece to everyone.

right, recap of work blogs. last week's pax and ak,

two piece's from excheckered

and a threadjacker.

new work up shortly!

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